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Two USA Series basses side-by-side

Made in the USA

USA Series

Our USA-made basses are handcrafted by a small team of luthiers in our Woodstock, NY shop. These basses are built-to-order, completely customizable works of art.

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Two Euro Series basses side-by-side

Push Forward

Euro Series

Our Euro series basses are some of the finest instruments on earth. Built in our shop in the Czech Republic, these represent a step forward in sound, looks and playability.

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Two Legend Series basses side-by-side

The Stuff of Legend

Legend Series

With upgraded hardware, all-new electronics and a range of new colorways, the Legend series provides players of all levels with an instrument that plays well above its price.

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Spector Est 1976 NY Headstock icon

3d开奖结果和值伟振幅 with modern feel, powerful pickups, and nearly 40 years of experience, spector basses have established themselves as the authority on modern bass design.

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